Should you pay Cheer Fees?

Good Afternoon Everyone

Well its been about a year since we actually wrote a blog, I would like to thank Rob for the posts he did for us.

Like many we have found ourselves with a bit of time on our hands hence the reason I ended up going on Instagram Live yesterday

So today I wanted to explain my thoughts behind the hot topic amongst parents and the worry for most coaches “Should I Pay My Cheer Fees”

A few things I have heard and seen on social media “well if my kid isn’t going then I am not paying” “defo cancelling them fees while the coaches sit at home”  “oh well if she’s not going I am not paying” “they have stopped our fees but will I get a refund for the remainder of march” these comment and I say are rare have actually upset me, each one of these is from a different programme

Let me explain a few of my thoughts and my reason behind continuing to pay our fees for as long as my Financial Position stays the same, in the last financial crisis I lost my business and I understand the worries of losing a business and theirs nothing you can do to stop it, ok so let me start with a few questions

Has your financial situation changed for the worse or has it actually  improved as your still working and saving money as the restaurant you head to on a Friday night is closed or that comp you ere going to didn’t happen?

Does your child still have the friends they met through cheer? you know the ones who they met through that persons small business ?

Has your child’s Cheer Programme tried to offer some online classes or social events?

How will your child take to the fact that the Cheer Team has gone into liquidation and they can no longer do Cheer? they can join a new team but unlikely all their friends will be at the same team

Ok so now you have answered the above have  you changed your mind? maybe not and I understand its worrying times for all of us, I am still working but I don’t know for how long, so my thoughts are if you can pay it then call up the Head Coach and offer to, if you have found yourself in a situation where your financial situation, call them up and tell them why you cant pay and they will understand, remember the small amount we pay with multiple people doing it, this could be the difference in the programme surviving, please if your financial position hasn’t change please consider helping the programme which has helped you so much over the years

Even if your programme has cancelled the fees, maybe offer to continue paying them something

We aim to do as many blogs as possible and we will be going live again on Instagram! if you have any ideas for blogs etc,  then please email us at