BCD Dance Featured Athlete

BCD Dance

We have announced our biggest project yet for our Dance Division: The BCD Featured Athlete.

Below is all the information you need to know about the project.

What will you be expected to do and why are BCD doing this?

We love watching athletes from all levels, from small programmes to large established ones, we want to highlight how hard an athletes works, how they progress, what’s it like competition day and so much more

How will we do this and where will it be published?

We will ask for clips, pics and info about you, this can be sent via social media or what’s app, a monthly blog on the athletes will be published and clips will be put on our social media, BCD will try and attend one of your training sessions and will be meeting up at comps to film some clips of the athlete and short interviews

Do you need to obtain permission from your programme?

We work closely with most programmes and will contact the programme directly prior to making a final decision

How long does the entry system last ?

You have until Tuesday 16h October 2018, you can send us a direct message on any of our social media platforms or email us  the athlete will be announced before the 19th October  2018, we can’t give an exact date as we have to be sure permissions have been given by parents if Under 18 and programme directors

If only worlds team athletes apply will they be selected straight away?

No, we will consider all athletes


Info for Coaches & Programme Directors

We will obtain permission from you prior to announcing the athletes.

How will you benefit?

We will include clips and information about your programmes which will appear on our social media and blogs, all clips of training and competitions will be sent to you for approval before publishing, we would not want to publish anything without you permission

We really are so excited about this and we have worked hard on planning it, we wish everyone who is entering good luck and we can’t wait to start working with the lucky person!​