6 Super Unrealistic Things About Cheerleading Movies

The majority of cheerleaders are definitely guilty of chucking on cheerleading movies from time to time, especially the likes of Bring It On and Fired Up. But needless to say, most of us have used the phrase “that never happens” when watching these films. Below are our favourite of the many completely unrealistic things that happen in these films!

1. There are no coaches

Has anyone else noticed that the team captains are the ones that make up the routines and there is never a cheerleading coach in sight?








2. … but there is always a celebrity appearance

Still waiting for the day that Beyoncé struts out onto the mat at comp…!

3. Cheer offs

Has anyone actually ever done one of these?

4. Totally intimidating try outs

Tryouts aren’t as scary as they’re made out to be in the films… promise!

5. Changing stunts mid-routine!

Ok now we will give a prize to anyone who wouldn’t panic if this happened…

cheerleading movies

6. And lastly… Spirit Fingers

(let’s not even give these the time of day!)