BCD Visits Spirit of Texas

NCA Showoffs

After speaking to Spirit of Texas before leaving the UK, Teighlyr contacted us and arranged for us to attend this event.

Teighlyr invited me to look around the Gym so I set off from my hotel early in order to have the chance to meet some of the staff. A very friendly lady greeted me at reception up arrival and Teighlyr took me on a tour of this amazing gym. The gym consisted of five full floors and two halves, a pro-shop, changing areas, seating everywhere for parents and athletes, coaches rooms/offices. This place is definitely 99.9% of the UK gym owners’ dreams!

Spirit of Texas
Spirit of Texas

Before the Showcase

Teighlyr then walked me around the gym and I took  the opportunity to take some photos and have a chat with some of the coaches and athletes. I met the two owners Brad and Brett, they spent a bit of time with me and welcomed me to their Gym.

The place was really filling up as every team was going to showcase that evening. The warm up area was the main meeting area for athletes and as I walked in, I noticed athletes all crowded around each other. Cole explained to me they were writing down their fears prior to NCA.

I sat down in warm up and had some great conversations with the athletes and they told me which team they were on and what it was like at Spirit of Texas. I filmed lots of clips and really enjoyed myself finding out so much about this great programme.

Pictured right; Cole Knapp

Spirit of Texas
Spirit of Texas

I headed out into the main area where the show offs were to take place and i could not believe the amount of parents, friends and families who were waiting patiently for the event to start, the show offs were run over two floors  “A” & “B” which worked really well, after each  teams had performed they sat around the mat to cheer on the remaining teams.

I headed back to warm up for a bit and watched “Royalty” and the “A Team” warm up. I filmed some clips but I was totally amazed by the skills of these athletes who continually “Hit” every stunt, jump and tumble during warm up.

I returned back into the Show Offs where I watched so many more of the teams “Hit” and I knew this NCA was going to be great for this tremendous programme.

The time of the night had come where the two senior level 5 teams would take to the mat. The place was packed and the crowd were getting nearer and nearer to the mat. Some people were on tip-toes, desperately trying to look through gaps between people. Phones were held high to capture that precious moment of a friend or a family member perform.

Royalty came out to an incredible cheer from the crowd. They did not disappoint! They turned the atmosphere into something special encouraging deafening noise from the crowd. As they performed they made your hairs stand on end and the applause was amazing as they finished their routine with one big massive “Hit”. The moment their routine was finished they ran straight over to Floor A and Cheered on the A Team.

Could the A Team generate that energy like Royalty? Oh yes they could! With the whole programme now seated and the crowd at capacity the atmosphere was electric. One more performance and then these amazing athletes from tiny to worlds would be ready for NCA Nationals.. The A Team came out to a massive roar. They welcomed the crowd with waves and put on an amazing performance. The thing which will stick in my mind was the clapping during their dance. Every single person in the gym was clapping as the A Team danced. What a performance and what a night, Spirit of Texas were now NCA ready.

Once the showcase had finished I thanked the people who I had met and had helped my evening very special. I said goodbye to some of the athletes and wished them good luck for NCA. Whilst I sat in my Uber, heading back to my hotel, I thought about how grateful I was to every single person at Spirit of Texas who had helped me have a great evening and I would just like to say, the athletes were so friendly and had so much time to talk to me and answer any questions I had.

Finally, I would like to say a massive thank you to Spirit of Texas for making my visit one to remember. Ireally hope to be coming back next year to see you all again and I would love to meet up again with some of the coaches and athletes at Worlds next month. Below are some more of my pictures and clips of the evening.