What is BCD?

How did BCD Cheer begin?

BCD begun in 2014 when a passionate cheer dad, Darren Geddes, began posting videos of competitions on Twitter. This was the start of ‘British Cheer Dad’. After quickly picking up a number of followers, British Cheer Dad expanded into other social media platforms. British Cheer Dad quickly became the go to place for competitions updates up and down the UK.

Why have you changed from British Cheer Dad to BCD?

Over the years, British Cheer Dad’s following continued to grow and the demand to cover an enormous amount of teams and competitions was too much for one person. This prompted Darren to take on board a team to assist him in the day-to-day posts, competition updates and the website. The decision was then made to change the name, as ‘British Cheer Dad’ no longer reflected the team. Now, Team BCD has nine members.

What can we expect to see from BCD?

It is an exciting time for BCD Cheer! Our new shiny website is the one-stop-shop for the cheer community where you will find regular blogs, interviews and news updates. You can use the website to search for teams, competitions and cheer events that are taking place in the UK this year. Most excitingly, we have expanded into BCD Dance!

Why have you started BCD Dance?

BCD’s focus over the last couple of years has been on cheer, but our growing numbers of followers continue to ask for dance updates too – and BCD just can’t say no! Team BCD has three dedicated members who will bring you competition updates for the Dance community – make sure you give them a follow!

How can I be featured on your social media?

It’s simple! Send us a DM with a photo or video and we will make sure it is featured!

How do I get you to feature my programme?

There are two different ways that we can feature your programme. The first is to send us a photo or video which we will post on our social media feeds. Another way is to be present on our Find a Team page. Here we have a map with featured programmes across the UK. To appear on this page on our website, drop us an email at

I want to be a part of BCD Cheer and BCD Dance. Can I be involved?

The team is bound to expand in the near future, as BCD is only getting bigger and better. Make sure you follow BCD Cheer and BCD Dance on social media and look out for posts asking for team members!