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When BCD’s Emily Met Coast Caric

Emily’s Interview with Coach Caric

So far this season many teams (including myself with Airborn Nitros) have had the privilege of working with Coach Caric! Myself and the rest of the BCD team wanted to have a specific post dedicated to Coach Caric so we decided to do an interview with him.

Coach Caric (Richard)

Director Caric Care Ltd

Travel, Reading and meeting new people

How long have you been running Caric Care:
Two years

How did caric care become involved in Cheer:
After watching my daughter compete for the first time. I saw a lot of young athletes suffer with anxiety and pressure and mental blocks. I already dealt with things similar as a Senior Practitioner at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. It made sense to develop the company as a Cheer specific operation.

I’ve played sport all my life and my dad was a Canadian pro ice hockey player but id never seen a sport as dynamic or demanding as Cheer. The combination of all the different aspects was pretty amazing to watch; speed, strength, skill, stamina, timing, coordination … it has it all. I thought about all those things and figured that to develop, Cheer will get harder and the standards will get higher and higher and so the pressure and demand will get greater. At that point most elite sports turn to sport psychology and sport science where the margin between winning and losing become fractions.

I’ve taken sport psychology and made it specific to Cheer.

How long have you been working with Cheer teams:
I started with the club my daughter was at about three years ago and it proved really popular with the athletes and parents. I wanted to develop it more so I contacted Jules Tsang at Airborn Nitros who are a really established and forward thinking academy and gave me my big break. Alex Morris and Michele Creer the coaches allowed me to attend training to observe and encouraged me to get involved. It really took off and then Mart Tsang put me in touch with Sarah Biggs at Coventry Dynamite. I worked with Ignite and Lady Grenades and wow! Level 5 was just unbelievable.

I attended ICC Northerns with Nitros which was my first full competition as a performance coach and it was an amazing experience. We did really well and got quite a few first places but to see the impact that had on the athletes and coaches was pretty emotional.

Coach Caric has exploded over social media and seems to be growing a big following, did you expect it to grow this fast?
No not at all. I still have to have a reality check every so often but then it makes sense too. I’ve worked with some amazing athletes who inspire me to put 100% into this. My aim at the very start was to create a service specific to Cheer and to constantly evolve and keep up with the demand as Cheer grows. I wanted to work with grass roots prep level right up to level 5 and national teams and I’ve been so lucky to be able to do that.

The social media platforms are where most young athletes communicate and learn so I had to learn pretty quick how it all works. It’s a good way of keeping in touch and up to date.

We have noticed you help with mental blocks, how does this work?
There are so many different reasons blocks occur because each athlete is unique with unique life experiences, values and beliefs. I’m constantly researching how best to deal with them and I’ve been lucky enough to speak with some real big hitters in Cheer like Big G Gareth Green, Jeff Benson the American author of a book on blocks and Coach Lain in America. It’s really helpful to hear the perspective of other coaches. I’m also lucky to be in a position where I have access to cutting edge research on psychology and therapies at Alder Hey which I can bring to Cheer.
How long have you been involved with cheer?

This is actually my first full season and it’s been such a privilege and an honour to meet so many incredible people. I’m in constant talks with many people about collaborations and basically have no free time until September but I’m loving it.

Ambitions for Caric care?
I want Caric Care to be 100% focused on Cheer. I want it to be not only the first Cheer specific sport psychology and performance coaching company in the world, but the best. I need to keep it ahead of the field because I’m sure as Cheer grows more companies will see opportunities to exploit the sport and I want to close that particular door by providing a service that is focused on results and value for money and is accessible to team of all levels. Building the reputation is vital. I try to reinvest in Cheer through sponsoring particular athletes to show that I love the sport.

Anything extra to add:
A massive thank you to the athletes and coaches who have been so kind in giving me the opportunity to be involved in this sport. For all the time they’ve given me in showing me the different disciplines and facets of the sport and helping me to understand the theory. I could start naming people but there are so many that have been so generous in giving me their time and opinions on a vast range of things.

I want people to know that I appreciate their help from the youngest prep level athlete to the most experienced level 5 coaches and the parents and families who all contribute in some way.

I have plans to develop Caric Care more and without Mrs Caric and Miah none of this would have even got off the ground. Their constant support and ideas make it what it is.

I’m looking forward to the rest of the season and working with many more people in the future

I’d like to say a huge Thankyou to Richard (Coach Caric) for doing this interview with us, and we all wish you the best of luck for the future. What you are doing is amazing!

– Emily