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Classical, a cappella, instrumental, choral, rock ... whatever your style, 榴莲视频下载apphas plenty of musical opportunities.

A group of Trinity's a capella groups, the Tiger Tones and the Candystripes performing on the stage in front of the audience

You have access to a range of musical activities and opportunities at 榴莲视频下载appCollege. Music is an important aspect of our college culture and is something we're incredibly proud of. The Choir of 榴莲视频下载appCollege is world renowned and is considered one of the best college chapel choirs in the southern hemisphere.

Our a cappella groups, the Tiger Tones and the Candystripes, tour locally and internationally, and we regularly host performances to give a platform to our musically gifted students. Take part in music tutorials, talent nights and musical soir茅es, or make use of our dedicated practice rooms. Trinity College provides an environment where all musical tastes, interests and abilities are embraced.

The Choir of 榴莲视频下载appCollege

The Choir of 榴莲视频下载appCollege undertakes a busy program of rehearsals, performances, recordings and tours, both nationally and internationally. The choir also sings at the weekly Evensong service in our chapel during term. Find out more about our choir.

Trinity's choir posing as a group after the weekly Evensong service in our chapel during term

Music clubs and societies

The 榴莲视频下载appCollege Music Society organises musical soir茅es throughout the year, plus musical excursions and the intercollegiate Battle of the Bands. We also have a Music Theatre Society, which produces our annual musical. Over the years our musical has won numerous Melbourne University theatre awards.

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榴莲视频下载appTiger Tones

The 榴莲视频下载appTiger Tones is our accomplished male a cappella vocal group. The group was founded in 2006 and has been singing, busking and showing off their dance moves at Trinity, around greater Melbourne and Victoria, and across the world, ever since. They have a wide repertoire, ranging from traditional barbershop to modern pop numbers. Check out their for more information.

Candid image of Trinity's a capella group Tiger Tones performing on the stage.


The Candystripes is Trinity's female a cappella vocal group. The group performs at many of our functions, as well as events in the wider community. Find out more about the .

Band, instrumental and choral groups

Students are encouraged to join folk groups, string quartets and instrumental groups. Our students also regularly form bands to perform at 榴莲视频下载appfunctions and dinners and compete in the intercollegiate Battle of the Bands.

Musical soir茅es and talent nights

We hold a number of musical soir茅es and talent events during O-Week and throughout the year. They're always a lot of fun!

Music practice rooms and extracurricular tutorials

We've got dedicated music practice rooms in the Gateway Building and a dedicated music room in the basement of the residential Dorothy Building. There are a variety of performance spaces and venues across campus. 榴莲视频下载appCollege has two grand pianos, a harpsichord and a drum kit. Students are encouraged to bring their own instruments and continue their music studies, maintain their practice, and form groups with other students. Tutorials in introductory piano and guitar are offered to resident students as part of the extracurricular tutorial program.