Lollie Partner Stunt

We are so excited to announce we will be following Lollie Partner Stunt as they continue on their Partner Stunt Journey,

Who are they? well below we have a little introduction which we hope will give you a bit more knowledge as to who they are, we hope to be doing a monthly blog on them and plenty of updates via our social media


We are Lollie Partner Stunt, Junior AG Partner Stunt from Hartlepool Hawks! 

Leah is 15 and is the base. 

Hollie is 13 and is the flyer. 

We compete with Hartlepool Hawks,  We are both on Junior AG level 4, Junior SG AG level 4, Senior AG level 4, Senior Coed level 5R, Junior Pom and Leah is also on Junior Jazz, Lyrical and Hip-Hop. 

Hollie has cheered for 8 years and Leah 4 years. We started doing little bits of Partner Stunt about 2 years ago but we have started properly competing around  a year ago, we can’t wait to start sharing our journey with you all and work with Team BCD

Leah and Hollie

Social Media @lollie.partmer.stunt

lollie video