Jamfest Summit & Worlds bids announcements


Team BCD attended the Jamfest Europe event over the weekend and loved meeting up with so many people, we had a great time and as always the standard of UK Cheer continues to improve, it was great to see some International Teams competing, travelling from Norway and Germany, congratulations to all those who competed and thank you to everyone who played their part in making the event a success, we have posted lots of clips and pictures and have plenty more to go so keep an eye on our social media, as always if you would like to send us some of your favorite clips please send them via social media or by email,

Results & Bids

As most of you know the results were announced all weekend, however the bids were not, these will be announced this evening at 8pm for Summit bids and 8.30pm for Worlds bids (UK Time), you will need to visit the Jamfest website you can use the below link to take you straight there. we have also been informed they will be announcing them on twitter as well so we recommend you keep an eye on both, a top tip from us would be to switch notifications on to the @jamfesteurope twitter account,  we have also been informed the weekends results will be uploaded today and will also be able to be viewed using the below link


Darren (Team BCD)