Team England

Team England Showcase

On Saturday the 7th April we attended the 5th Team England showcase. The location was at the home of Unity Allstars and where Junior Advanced and Senior Coed Elite both performed.

Doors were due to open at 6.30pm and by 5.45pm their was a large queue forming. As the two teams set about their final preparations after a full day of training we walked around talking to some of the athletes and coaches. Luckily, we were able to talk to plenty of people on the night. We discovered that a number of supporters had travelled from all over the country, including Mavericks Cheer from Kent.

We also got a chance to speak to some of last year’s athletes from the gold medalists Team England All Girl. Some of these athletes had mixed emotions having won last year but are not able to compete again this year in the same division. We also spoke to some of last year’s athletes from the Silver medalist Team England Coed Elite and then had a look around some of the stalls and bought some raffle tickets.

Team England

The event got underway on time at 7.30pm with Tori Rubin introducing the coaches and fellow Team England founder Angela Green. Tori then introduced each Athlete and thanked all the wonderful sponsors. Now it was time for the cheer to start!


The first team to compete were the Juniors who put on an amazing performance. This was followed by the coed team who matched the quality put on by the juniors,. With the Cheer complete Tori thanked everyone, which was met with  chants of “we want more”. Tori soon agreed and the teams came out and performed again!

Tori then thanked everyone for coming and the mayor of Sutton said a few words. The mayor, who was running late for an engagement due to her enjoying the evening so much, made a great speech. She once again said how much she is becoming a cheer fan!

We stayed for a bit and took some photos and then thanked everyone for making the evening so enjoyable. If you are attending the ICU worlds then please click here to join the Supporters for Team England Facebook group where we have posted a video of the cheer for you to learn.

Finally a massive good luck to all the Team England Cheer and Dance Teams athletes and coaches. We can’t wait to see you in Orlando!