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Welcome to Beas Cheerleading

Who are Beas Cheerleading?

Beas Cheerleading are an Allstar and recreational cheerleading club based in Staines-Upon-Thames, Surrey. Founded as a recreational club by Head Coach Berenese in 2014, we are now in our 3rd competitive season after attending our first ever competition BCA Nationals in 2016. We now have 65 competitive athletes spread across 5 teams from the ages of 5 to 30.

Our Teams

Honey Beas

First up, the cutest of the bunch! Our small mini level 1 team – Honey Beas. Most of the athletes in this team are new to the sport, but that doesn’t stop them! After a rough start to the year and losing a few athletes, Honey Beas did fantastic at their first competition of the season and although we received a few deductions they placed 8th! We can’t wait to see how these young athletes progress throughout the year.

Honey Beas

Bumble Beas

Our largest competitive team this season is our Youth Level 1 team – Bumble Beas. After a highly successful season last year, we were happy to bring this team back and welcome lots of new athletes to the group! Again, this team have had a tough start to the season, but always took routine changes with a pinch of salt. We are so proud of them for hitting zero at their first competition of the season and placing an amazing 4th– just 0.5 points behind 3rd!

Bumble Beas

Ivy Beas

New to the club this year, is our small youth level 2 – Ivy Beas! After many of our athletes progressed so much in their tumbles and stunts last season, we decided to make our debut into level 2 cheer for the first time! This team are always surprising us and always rise to a challenge. After scaring us by not hitting their routine until the week before competition, this team ended up doing fantastic at competition – hitting zero and placing 4th -less than half a point off 3rd place. Not bad for a new team, eh?

Ivy Beas

Stinger Beas

The smallest team of the crew is our Junior 1 team – Stinger Beas – with a total of 9 athletes. They may be a small team, but the bond these girls have is amazing. These girls had a pretty easy ride to the first completion of the season, being consistent with stunts and tumbles and constantly surprising people with that bridge swing in their pyramid! Unfortunately, on the day of competition an athlete was unable to attend and another athlete had to learn the routine in a few hours and fill in. Junior 1 rose to the challenge, went out and hit zero –leaving parents and coaches with teary eyes – and received a very well-deserved third place!

Stinger Beas

Beas Allstars

After a fantastic 3rd place finish at BCA Nationals last season in the Small Senior Level 1 division, our Senior team started working on their stunts and tumbles with the aim of progressing to level 2. We are so proud of how the athletes rose to the challenge, and are very proud to say that they smashed their level 2 debut! After an injury in warm up, the girls’ performance was rescheduled for a slightly later slot, but they didn’t let the nerves get the better of them! Hitting an amazing zero routine, the girls grabbed the bronze out of 11 teams.

Beas Allstars

Black Sting

Last but not least, is our Senior Level 2 Stunt Group – Black Sting. In their second season, these girls are pushing themselves constantly for higher baskets and more difficult elites. After a fantastic first season (2016-2017) we brought the team back. The girls hit their routine beautifully and were crowned division champions for the second year running.

Black Sting

Our Coaching Team


Berenese (Bea) is the Queen of the Hive – our head coach and founder. Before gaining a love for cheerleading, Berenese was a former International GB Rhythmic gymnast. It was at University that Bea started cheerleading for Middlesex Katz, and later competed with Sapphire Elite. Bea coaches our youth 1, youth 2 and senior 2 teams, as well as giving all of us coaches the watch over to make sure we’re being well behaved!


Anya first started in the sport of Rhythmic gymnastics, where she was coached by Berenese. After a few years Anya started cheerleading at primary school during a lunch time club, she continued at secondary school, before finally joining Beas Cheerleading. She is now a fully qualified level 2 coach. Anya assists coach Trish with our Mini 1 team this season.


Katie has been coaching since March 2015 after getting into cheerleading at an after-school club taught by Bea at age of 13. Even though Katie never managed to compete until she was 18 when she filled in for an athlete at nationals, it doesn’t stop her from loving cheer any less. She currently coaches Youth 1 alongside Bea and head coaches Junior 1 and Senior 2 Stunt.


Tyler started tumbling aged 12. He tumbled for 6 years and became British Champion. He has been coaching for 5 years and has had 9 kids become NDP British Champions in that time. He has now joined Beas as our tumble coach!


Trish is a triple threat! Not only is she a coach, but also an Allstar athlete and cheer mum. Trish first got into cheerleading when her daughters started in 2015, and has since been attacked by the cheer bug. Trish is head coach of our Mini team, as well as coaching our Cheer4Fun and Buzzy Bea recreational classes.


The youngest of our coaches, Georgia has 4 years of experience as a competitive athlete. She first started at the age of 10 and has competed with Youth 1, Junior 1, Senior 1, Senior 2 and Senior 2 Stunt. Georgia holds her BCQ level 1 coaching qualification, allowing her to assist with our tumble class. She has helped many of our little athletes achieve their tumble goals.

Where can you see us this season?

Our first competition of the season was Legacy Just Believe – we LOVE this competition and it was our second year attending. Here are our results:

· Mini 1 – 8th

· Youth 1 – 4th

· Youth 2 – 4th

· Junior 1 – 3rd

· Senior 2 – 3rd

· Stunt – 1st

Next up, the whole club is competing at Legacy Rise Up in Birmingham in May. If you’re competing, come say hi!

Our Minis, Youth 1, Juniors and Stunt will be taking to the mat at BCA Summer Showdown in Guildford this June (our 3rd year running of this competition!)

To end our season, Youth 2 and Senior 2 have been chosen to compete at Legacy 02 internationals – a huge opportunity for these teams that we are extremely excited about.

Bumble Beas
Bumble Beas

What are our goals?

Of course, we want to carry on doing well at our competition’s this season and make memories. But in the long term, we have a few bigger goals!

The first would be to get our own gym. We currently train in a small, church hall that we share with other clubs such as Brownies and Kung Fu. Our timetable is restricted and we can’t grow as much as we’d like because of time and space restrictions. One day we’d love to be able to open our own gym – the Hive – where our swarm can grow and progress! We were lucky enough to win the Tesco bags of help scheme in August last year, which enabled us to buy new mats and an air floor for the club, which means we can now use the church’s small hall to utilise all possible space during our restricted time in the hall.

The second is to compete abroad! Seeing all the fabulous teams heading to NCA, the Summit and Worlds has made us a teeny bit jealous! We’re taking it one step at a time, but one day we can’t wait to have a group of athletes we can share the experience with.

Thanks for reading and if you want to follow us on social here are our handles!

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