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Camp Woodward – Maylin & Liv

Camp Woodward is a renowned complex in the USA offering a huge range of activities to those who attend every year. Following on from Tora’s Camp Woodward experience, we caught up with Maylin and Liv, along with their friends Halle and Sydney, who took us on a tour around the camp.

The girls showed us how extensive the list of things to do at the camp is, and they took us on a whistle-stop tour of the fun activities that Camp Woodward has to offer, including:

– Wakeboarding
– Paddle boarding
– Go karting
– Horse riding
– Ropes course
– Paint balling
– Mega ramp for skateboarding
– Slip ‘n’ slide
– Parkour
– Swimming
– Sunbathing
– Basketball
– Bungee jump
– And much more.

The girls demonstrated their skills by attempting wheelies and jumps on random people’s scooters, but we swiftly moved on once Liv questioned whether the helmet she was wearing contained nits.

Surprisingly, in contrast to the many physical activities and challenges that Camp Woodward provides, they have a dedicated art studio where you can take part in a variety of different crafts, which would be a nice way to unwind from the hectic lifestyle of the camp.

Despite all of the amazing facilities that Camp Woodward has available, Maylin’s favourite part of Camp Woodward is the chicken and cheese quesadilla.

Alongside the activities, Camp Woodward offers a huge stock of merchandise. Are you even a cheerleader if you don’t swarm to the merchandise stall at competitions? Well, Camp Woodward is no different. They have a whole range of merchandise from jumpers to leotards; from t-shirts to caps.

Moving onto the cheerleading part of the camp, the girls introduced us to the barn gym where they practised their dance for the upcoming competition.

The cheer gym consists of two rod floors to practise power tumbling and new passes, a number of pits, tumble track, playback camera, trampolines and a blue floor for drills to improve tumbles. This really is the ultimate, high-tech cheer gym!

We then visited the lodge which is where the staff, pro athletes and visiting coaches stay throughout their time at Camp Woodward and we were lucky enough to get a tour of the accommodation. Martin, Jodie and Josh showed us around lodge. The three-storey building has 12 bedrooms – each sleeping four people with an en suite, a communal seating area for breakfast, a kitchen, a lounge and an upstairs sitting room. Outside posed a patio, a beach volleyball court, an outdoor communal area for staff socials, a swimming pool and a hot tub. We even got to watch Mart demonstrate where Maylin got her tumbling skills from… (make sure you check out the video!)