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Team England Athletes Review Their Nfinity Shoes

As announced yesterday we will be reviewing products regularly from Excel Cheer Centre, today we bring you the review from the “Medal winning” athletes of Team England, not only do we review the Shoes we also provide you with a little background behind some of the athletes.

Maylin Tsang

“Tell us about your cheerleading background”
This is my fourth season. I started my cheerleading career at Airborn Nitros on their junior level 2 team. During my third season I started to compete at Level 5 with Genesis Intensity which I really enjoyed! For the past 2 years I was selected as an Nfinity Generation NEXT athlete where I was given the opportunity to travel to the US and attend camps with the best young athletes across the world which was taught by amazing coaches. The experience was amazing but this year I aged out of the programme. This year I was super though as I was age-eligible to finally compete at Worlds and I got to compete with Coventry Dynamite Lady Grenades as well as Team England Allgirl Elite. I was so happy just to be a part of Team England this year but the experience was made even better when we won ICU Worlds and brought home the gold! Now I am looking forward to getting back to training and start competing again with Coventry Dynamite and I will also be competing with Airborn Nitros Evolution this season too.


“How long have you worn Nfinity shoes?”
I have worn Nfinity shoes since I started cheerleading so 4 years.


“Which is your favourite Nfinity shoe?”
Vengeance were my favourite style of shoe until I received my new Nfinity Flytes from Excel Cheer Centre. I love them because they are so light and fit my feet perfectly. The sole is the same as Vengeance but they come up slightly higher around the sides for bases to grip so bases love flying me in them too!


“How long do your Nfinity shoes usually last?”
My shoes usually last about 6 months which I think is great as I am a flyer so they are handled a lot with bases and I spent a lot of time tumbling. I train 3 times a week at Airborn Academy plus my training with Coventry Dynamite and Team England weekends so I am wearing them a lot!


“Any Other Comments?”
I just really love wearing Nfinity shoes. They help me to be the best I can be! I would like to thank Excel Cheer Centre for always providing me with them. The service is always so quick and I would recommend everybody to order theirs from there too!

Lewis Sewell

“Tell us about your cheerleading background”
I started cheerleading in 2010 and have competed for both level 5 and 6 teams at worlds numerous times as well as representing Team England 4 times. Most recently I competed on Team England Coed Elite and won a silver medal at the ICU World Championships.


“What are your main roles on your team”
I am a tumbler and a base


“How long have you worn Nfinity shoes for?”
I have worn Nfinity shoes since I first started cheerleading in 2010.


“What made you choose the Nfinity brand in the first place”
The reason I chose Nfinity was because its indisputably the leading shoe provider for cheerleaders. I needed a shoe that I could rely on and which would last a season (I get a lot of wear our of them) and season after season Nfinity have not let me down!


“Which is your favourite style of Nfinity shoes and why?”
My favourite pair of Nfinity shoes are the Vengeance. They’re light and durable and look the part with either training kit or uniform!


“Would you say they run true to your size?”
Vengeance fit me like a glove, from new to worn they stay well fitted even after the stresses they endure.


How long do your nfinity shoes usually last?
Usually my Nfinity shoes will last me at least a whole season which is good considering the high usage I put them through.

Katerina Ebrill

“Tell us about your cheerleading background”
I started cheerleading in Australia when I was 18 years old – just a few friends in the park learning how to stunt! By the time I was 21 I had competed at worlds for the first time and never looked back! In 2013 I won Silver in the ICU Allgirl Level 6 Group Stunt and then moved to the UK and joined Unity Allstars Ruby for their first season as level 5. In 2013 I subbed in last minute on Canada’s Cheer Sport Great White Sharks for their first World Champion title! This is my 4th season on Unity Ruby and my 3rd time with the team at Worlds!

Following this interview, Kate also went on to win the ICU World Championships in the Allgirl Elite Division! Congratulations!


“Which Teams are you representing this season?”
Unity Allstars Ruby IO5 and Team England Allgirl Elite


“What are your main roles on your current teams?”
I am a main base…getting too old for much more tumbling! ….. although I do have a very important flying role on Team England Allgirl this year – don’t underestimate the importance of a solid shoulder sit!


“How long have you worn Nfinity shoes for now?”
7 years


“Which is your favourite pair of Nfinity shoes and why?”
I wear the Halo Defiance – I really enjoy tumbling in them and they are much more durable than all previous cheer shoes that I have worn-they last me a full season!


Would you say they run true to your size?
Yep…UK 4.5 (US 7) fits like a glove!


Any other comments?
I love the variety of options that Nfinity have – I think its really important that each athlete has the right shoe to meet their individual needs.