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Excel Cheer Centre

Following our announcement on Social media earlier we are delighted to be working alongside Excel Cheer Centre.

But what we will be doing?

We will be covering the latest products they are selling and we will be reviewing some of their products enabling our followers to read good independent reviews on the latest items they have in stock.

Below is a brief introduction to Excel Cheer and a link to their website so you can start having a look, the product reviews will all be posted her on our blog, so make sure you subscribe to the blog and its free !

Excel Cheer Centre started in 2010 as a small family run business initially selling Pizzazz Sports Bras. In 2011 they began selling a small number of Nfinity shoes by importing them from America and selling online. By 2012 Excel Cheer Centre created a business model specific to catering to the UK and European market and took on the distribution role for Nfinity in Europe, selling to not only online customers but also supplying various shops across Europe. A unique aspect of Excel Cheer Centre is that no matter how large the company grows they maintain a small number of staff members to ensure that many of their customers receive a friendly, familiar service and they know many of their customers on a personal level. At this point they strived to ensure that stock was always available for customers. By 2015 they took on extra staff and began visiting teams at the start of the season to size all of their athletes and provide them with shoes the following day. In 2016 they moved into a large warehouse facility and offered all customers the option to receive Nfinity products next day delivery within the UK. At this time they also began distributing Rock Your Hair across Europe, a specialized line of hair products for cheerleading and dance based in California. At worlds they offered their first full Nfinity shoe and Rock Your Hair sponsorship as well as providing many of the UK teams with their backpack. As they headed into the 2016-17 season they travelled across the UK rolling out their Team Visit programme for 2 months in order to supply many UK teams with their products. Behind the scenes Excel Cheer Centre were also rolling out their distribution network across more than 10 countries in Europe, mainly to small businesses wanting to supply the best cheerleading products to their own countries. Excel also teamed up with Nfinity this season and sponsored 9 UK Teams with Nfinity shoes in order to support and give back to and many of the gym who had supported the brand particularly over the last 7 years. These teams included world champions Team England Allgirl Elite & ParaCheer as well as silver medalist Team England Coed Elite. At the USASF championships both of the top placing UK Teams in the IOC5 and IO5 division wore Nfinity shoes-safe to say the best wear Nfinity! Excel also sponsored dance teams and cheer teams with Rock Your Hair, which was a fantastic experience. They have spent the past few months enjoying working with other cheerleading companies across the country to delivery the best products, information and service to the UK Cheerleading market.

Looking towards the future Excel Cheer Centre are dedicated to introducing the best cheerleading brands to the UK and Europe and continue to strive to improve their service for all of their dedicated customers.


We cant wait to get started reviewing the great products Excel supply and we hope you will enjoy it